New project!

Now that I'm an award-winning pie maker, I've embarked on a new project.

This time I'm out of the kitchen and back at my computer doing what I do best -- writing.

For years I've entertained the notion of writing a book called "The Apathetic Parent's Guide to Raising Children." Naturally, it will be the first in the series, "The Apathetic Parent's Guide to Meal Preparation, Financial Planning and Pest Control."

And eventually, a spin-off, "The Apathetic Wife," and subsequent sequel, "The Apathetic Wife's Guide to Lovemaking/Meal Planning."

I know. At this point, it's all just a pipe dream. I mean, really, I've got FOUR kids. When am I going to get around to writing a book?

So for now, this blog will just have to do:

Check it out sometime.

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