Who's Jess?

In a nutshell, I'm a storyteller.

I always have a weird/funny story to share about me and my kids and routinely keep my friends and family rolling. Often my stories end with the recipient asking, "Seriously?"

Seriously. I couldn't make up this stuff.

Raising four (count 'em FOUR) kids with my best friend and husband -- a guy who regularly makes me laugh till I pee -- I'm just full of material.

People always say, "I hope you're writing this down." And I am. Here. On this blog.

~ ~ ~

In case you're looking for more, here's my background story. I'll try to spare you details and just give you highlights:

I grew up in the Midwest in a huge family. My parents are divorced and remarried to wonderful people. My view on divorce isn't sad or tragic. Instead it's been very positive. My parents' marriage wasn't a happy one, so when I saw each of them fall in love again, I was thrilled. Their divorce and subsequent new relationships have profoundly influenced how I handle my own relationships. And how I approach life in general.

As a kid, ours was a noisy, boisterous household where if you didn't speak up (or hide your pack of Pop Tarts under the kitchen sink ASAP), you'd be out of luck. As one of five kids, it was a bit of a survival of the fittest household. As a result, I've become resourceful, plucky and quick. I think fast and move fast. I'm a doer. If something needs to be done -- anything -- I roll up my sleeves and do it.

One of my past bosses told me I had "moxie," which to me, is a huge compliment.

After graduating college with a Mass Communication major and an English minor, I got married and immediately found myself pregnant with twins (Mad Dog and The Deuce). Five years later, we welcomed our son (who we lovingly call Crowbar). A few months after the baby was born and after 6 years of marriage, my husband left. He was suffering from depression and literally checked out of our marriage, our home and our life.

So, after nearly three years of being a successful, single mom, I met and fell in love with Mark. I never thought someone would love me (damaged goods) and my kids (baggage) again. But I was wrong. Mark has a big heart. He loves us because we're who we are and every day since meeting Mark has been a gift. We got married in August 2009 and welcomed our baby girl (Sweet Pea, until we find a better nickname) in November 2010.

Careerwise, I have always worked full time in the marketing/communications field. I have been fortunate to find a profession I love that allows me to do what I enjoy most: writing.

Managing a demanding full-time job and a busy home life has its tough times, but I think I'm doing pretty well. Four crazy kids, a neurotic Pomeranian and hilarious husband are enough to keep me on my feet and full of material.

Life is good. Seriously.